Snapping out of 2014

A great friend gave me a task, she asked me to send her 15 goals for 2015. Which is fair because she is the kind of friend that I ask for things from her also. Push it,

What a great idea to be creating something that I need to push myself too.  Find my new limits. Find my fun. Passion,accomplishments, the joy I want out of life.

Did you create 15 things?  Can I handle that much responsibility? Have you got to this point of January and already given up?

Creating my own destiny- putting it out there and asking for what I want

Thank you Universe in Advance,

Snip Snap,

Here is my list:

1. Gym 3 times a week- Exercise even when its sound like a bad idea

2. Learn basic french skills

3. I will be financially responsible this year

4. Visit California

5. and the Price is right

6. Eat healthy-Veggies instead of chippies

7. New York

8. Stop caring about celebrities I don’t know

9. Read 1 book a quarter

10. Give back to my community – Create a program about pick up littler

11. Drink more Water

12.  Start my own business

13. Hug the Ones I love

14. Become a skoolie- buy a short bus!!!

15.Show others the best of ME!

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