My obsessions are usually a really good idea.. I think??!

Okay, I need to stop obsessing some other websites and blogs. The ideas that they give me, just send me into a tizzy of obsession. However my obsessions usually have some crazy large budget attached to them and I think this time, I’m going to be smart about it and make sure that I have all the duckies in a row following Mama to the water.

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I am a firm believer that what you ask for and put out there will come back your way, whether it comes from whichever higher power that you speak to, just put it out there. As I listened to the secret some time ago, I used the “i always get great parking”. By by golly it worked! I do always get great parking.

However you I look at it, my “obsessions” involve fun, my dog and being an entrepreneur. Whether it’s the last trend, or just something I have always wanted, why is it that some people just aren’t dreamers and just nah sayers , people worried about what I might actually do! Get ready, because  I will be pulling up in your drive way one day with the school bus, which still needs a clever name. However that day may come when I actually have her.

Heck yeah I’m doing this! I saw some great posts on pinterest this weekend as I was scrolling through, some really great quotes on how I feel about this project.


Planning still in progress….


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