Destination Wedding! #swoon 

Destination weddings sure do live up the fun that people have said they are! I have never attended one but when I was asked by my friend Laura and Ryan, there was no way that I was going to miss this one!

Weddings are surely a lot of work, but trying to get 40 people on a plane with all their sunscreen essentials  (or maybe that’s just my obsession) and donations for the local kids in the orphanage. luggage and lastly everyone’s drunk butts on the plane. With the weeks leading up to the event, we had the bridal shower, bachelorette, Pre- Cuba get together which helped us with a head start on the best vacation I have ever had.

Every day, you could walk around the corner and see someone who you knew. Have something to eat or to get a drink with someone at any time of the day.  Since we have all been limiting ourselves on the number of carbs before this trip in order to look as great as we all did. its something to be in our swimsuits after our long Canadian winters.

The wedding was at the beginning of the week before anyone could get too sunburnt or hungover. Perfect… The bride looked amazing, but with no surprise there. Groom looked great too.  Everyone showed up on time and was eagerly awaiting the first view of the bride and her handsome young men at her side.

The Magic Couple

The joy that was seen in the bride and groom’s eyes was infectious… I was holding up quite well until I looked at the MOH, who was tearing up herself and then my tears started falling. The happy tears show me how mushy I get at weddings.  I’m so happy to see her married to her “Magic Man.”

I am also very thankful to be asked to Master of Ceremony with my Dynamic Duo partner.  It’s the perfect way for me to use my loud mouth. I loved helping brainstorm the plan for the night, help support my friends in the new chapter of their lives. I’m so excited to kick off the gig with the Rules of the Kiss Game… Pull the colour from the bag and follow the instructions… Lucky for me.. I get to kiss my own date! Lookout I’m coming for ya!

Dynamic Duo IMG_4679 IMG_4680 IMG_4681

The second part of this vacation was the first time traveling for a week with the Young Buck I’m dating.  During this trip, I  was happy to share how amazing I think he is, but I think most of my friends thought the same thing.  I’m so happy that they were so welcoming to him and to the group that we have created. However… I’ve seen a bro-mance on Big Brother but never in real life like this… hilarious.  It’s also like watching Step Brothers but in a beach paradise with scooters, Cubans and poolside bar.

As some may use the vacation as a test for the relationship, I think we passed this one with flying colours.  Other than us both not liking flying so much, he did great at making sure I had my sunscreen or water for the next morning or pushing me in the water when I wouldn’t quite go any further. He’s really good-looking…

IMG_4503 IMG_4593 IMG_4790

I’m excited to see where my next vacation destination takes me and if it will be with some of the Cuba crew again.  Eitherway summer is around the corner and I’ll have my umbrella ready.

Till then..


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