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It’s been too long. A lot has been happening, which means I have a lot to share. Since I have posted last, it has been a world wind of activity. Life lessons, Moving and a shift in my professional life.  Let’s take a walk through the tough stuff and then I get to posting all the exciting adventures I have been on!

Life changes all the time and it happens so quickly. Sometimes in a very simple, easy change and sometimes so fast you stand back shaking your head like; Did that really just happen???  My friends are having babies, I’m going on awesome adventures and losing loved ones. It’s amazing how as we get older time flying is by.  What happened to  just being home for dinner when the street lights come on? Now it’s wedding shower, babies showers and planning girls nights weeks in advance. Adult life isn’t something that I want to take back however I wish it would slow down a little.

Next, I’ve taken the large leap and I have BOUGHT A HOUSE! What an amazing feeling. I am so very thankful for the support I was shown during this time. I have blogs to share about the process!!  When buying your first house as a single lady, you have this sense of La La Land of what it is going to require and it is amazingly shocking about what you learn as it unfolds.  But I remind myself that this an AWESOME decision. Having a backyard, a dishwasher and the peace and quiet of these walls,  was the best decision I made and I wouldn’t change it now.

I’ve been spending time doing things that I love.  Why should we stay doing something that breaks down the core values of who we are? Are we not to celebrate and encourage growth and excitement? Figuring out the things that we love is such a journey!  When I make decisions or choices, I give them my whole being.  Life is making many decisions every day. Hundreds or Thousands of them!  Some are hard, some easy.  It’s finding the balance of learning who you are and what makes you great. I’ve  been finding projects and places to visit to keep me moving in a fantastic direction!


I’m so excited to show you what I have been working on. Enjoy the reads!








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