When was your last Social Audit?

When you are a business owner you are constantly juggling a lot of responsibilities. Each and every day it is going to be different and with that, your main goals are to make money so that you can pay yourself and keep your business profitable. But how are you reaching your customers? Where are your customers finding your business online?  When was the last time you paid attention to your online audience?

Doing a social audit will help you close those gaps in your online presence. Such as when the last time you posted? Do you even remember your login information?  Are you showing your most recent product? Do you have your logos and information updated?

When you’re so busy juggling all the other parts of your business, Do you feel like you just don’t know where to begin?

Check In time

Are you able to answer those previous questions with confidence or are you now thinking  “Holy crap, I don’t know when the last time I posted”?  Those questions are a good place to start and make a list. What platforms are you on, login name and passwords. Which social platforms you want to be on and where are your top competitors.

Also, think about how often you want to post. Does your business have large projects with before and after pictures? Do you have new inventory daily or weekly? Do you run specials or discount days? The other big question as a business owner, Do you have the time to create these post or should you outsource?

What is your voice?

Do your posts have the same tone or are they all over the place? Do you post regularly or random?

Creating a voice tone will help you prepare your schedule of postings. Your social media strategy should be in line with your other efforts. Whether it’s TV, radio or print, using the same message will help promote the specific promotion or details that you are advertising but ensure you are changing the message slightly to accommodate the social platforms or media in which you are using.  This part is going to take a little bit more planning and work. So carve out some time for this one.

Starting the Plan

Creating a social media strategy for the year will help guide you to being more prepared. Start by using your calendar to mark down previous sales, special events or important dates such as anniversaries and etc.   Once you have figured out the Voice of your brand, you have established the highlights of your business;  make sure you have reminders of when you are to complete the changes, get yourself in the routine  and be consistent as possible.

Connecting with your Audience

With so many platforms out there and new ones starting all the time,  Where do you position yourself?  Have you asked your customers lately where they spend their time online?

Once you have had some feedback, pick one or two that your target audience uses the most and knock them out of the park. Be consistent, be creative and be you!  For the current follower base that you have now, they liked you for some reason, keep them coming back even if the first ten people were your family.

Doing a social audit will hopefully get you a little more prepared for the big online world that is not slowing down anytime soon.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these tips, and if you ever need help or want to ask some questions- Send me a comment or message!

Thanks – Snip



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