5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW

What does your Music say is your Top Played Songs?

Life seems to end up in a playlist. The memories it creates, the feelings I had rocking at the time, the artist that I connected with. Sometimes that playlist takes you back to the song that comes with hard feelings but next playing songs that pump you up.

Either way, Music has the power to help you remember to put your bossy lady pants on and get out there.  Find your passions, share the best part of yourself and dance like no one is watching (Even if that takes a few drinks).

When I look at my Top 5 songs I have on repeat, I believe this list is a little hurt, little mad, but ready for something bigger.

  1. Miranda Lambert- Vice
  2. Maren Morris- Rich
  3. Dua Lipa- Blow Your Mind
  4. Thomas Rhett- Star of the Show
  5. Hunter Hays- Storm Warning

887484_10153345580235958_6069277284024509290_oSometimes your playlist is helping you taking care of yourself during some of the hardest parts of your life.  The power that you have to fight for yourself is the ONLY one that you should keep listening for. Put in that playlist your go-to song, maybe if you need that extra push call it your theme song.

Don’t let the doubters inside, the things we “should be doing” and the “what ifs”. Not everyone understands that traditional roles may not be for you and that you want to create your own dreams. Be a self-supporter, taking care of your fur babies.  Bringing home that bacon.

Taking the moments to listen to your gut instinct, find that favourite outfit and starting your playlist will  hopefully get you closer to beating that drum to what ever tune you like.

Snip Snap out of it and Keep Rocking.

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One thought on “5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW

  1. I feel like you nailed this post!!! Everything in here hits a spot for me i totally agree. Music heals the soul and helps us get theought some crazy shit…well for some of us anyways. Keep rockin girl!!


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