It’s truth time, I’m reviewing the list!

Its been quite some time away from blogging, creating and basically everything to do with my site. But, I’m BACK!  I’m ready to look back at those things I said I wanted to do and get you guys in the loop.

Step One-  The List. Original Blogging List

 1. Gym 3 times a week- Exercise even when its sound like a bad idea   
Yeah, this didn’t happen, but I can say that I have chosen healthy eating, outdoor chores and walking my bestie outdoors. This has maintained my lifestyle.

2. Learn basic French skills

Another one I really didn’t put too much effort into this.  So, its now gone and I have a cousin that I can take with me when I need that skill. I’m sure that Google or Apple has created an app that will let me wiggle through a situation.

3. I will be financially responsible this year

Ah HA! Something I was able to do! Something about these adulting methods has put me in a good place and talking with great people like Kate from Balanced Cash Flow, to set up me up with the plan and passion to make things happen.

4. Visit California – Yes COMPLETED AND HAD A BLAST WHILE THERE!!  Thanks Penny.

5. and the Price is right

Nope, didn’t get to this, but also not ready to cross this off the list.

6. Eat healthy-Veggies instead of chippies

I feel good in this department. I started ordering Chefs Plates and it has changed my eating habits for real! Let me know if you want a discount code for your first order!

7. New York – YES, also completed! Thank you to the host Mike for taking us with you learn all about the Rainbow Cleaning systems! A photo of the Dayna, Myself and Mike. Empire State Building. 1 am. 

new york

8. Stop caring about celebrities I don’t know

Done, I’m over it. Maybe a little read now and then, but mostly kicked the habit.

9. Read 1 book a quarter

This one is staying on the list and please send me suggestions of good authors in Love, Romance, and adventure!

10. Give back to my community – Create a program about picking up litter

Still a work in progress, but I’m on the bandwagon folks… No straws, less consumption, more community clean-up efforts.

11. Drink more Water – Goodness, another great success! 

12.  Start my own business – YES!  Snip Snap is in full effect and coming at you with all things social media and marketing consulting! 

13. Hug the Ones I love- Since everyone lives so far away, this is still a work in progress and always will be!

14. Become a skoolie- buy a short bus!!! **Insert a sigh of satisfaction.  Things are happening folks, I would stay tuned. 

15.Show others the best of ME!- you better believe it! 

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