The Beginning of Tulip

So, let me tell you how this all started. I just love the idea. I love the movement and I love the recycling of something great. Mind you there was some gum to remove and probably some boogers. But totally worth all the hard work.

So, I have been doing my research for some time and finally pulled the trigger on the on the 2006 Ford e450 Super Duty dream. She was located in a small town just before Peterborough. I packed the car with my mom, peanut, and a friend and took a ride down the 401. With a one day round trip there and back to pick up the start of my adventure.

The first test of the trip home was the stop at the gas station. Thank goodness I’m a petro points collector and now driving this bus will definitely rack up the points. Quick.  Bombing down the 401 was a little scary at times but with the wind whistling, good chance to check the brakes I  turn up the tunes and opened up that engine. The trip had me back to London around 5:30 pm that day and more than excited about what was about to begin.

Coming back to London, you bet your bottom dollar that I wanted to cruise the cool streets of London in my new ride. However, the busses first stop was the stellar boys over at Cheapside Auto Care/ Londons Rust Check. Phil and his team are not only your daily mechanics but are hardcore with a drag racing team and motorhome experience. I left the bus in the good hands to help me with a look over of my new purchase and also be a major bad ass and remove the seats from the bus. I knew that this task was above my knowledge and tool base. Thanks to the team at Cheapside Auto Care for starting this project in the right direction.

Let’s move through the week while it was with the boys. I’ve had been combing Youtube for hours, writing notes down, saving different videos and starting all my social media channels. Facebook and Instagram will be the way to go. Hopefully, you will go follow my pages and share the message!

Facebook: The_travellingstulip   

Instagram: @thetravellingtulip


The traveling tulip is now in my driveway and she’s having her first sleepover home.

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