Week Two of Tulip

Welcome to Week 2! I’m going to do my best with weekly updates but this bus is also going to help me get to bed early. It’s time to take out the floor. There are a few challenges to start, the wheelchair lift still on the bus. There are metal covers in all the corners and the floor and lastly, the smelly super duty glued rubber floor that needs to come up.

The wheelchair lift is out. The team at Cheapside Auto Care had dismantled the bolts and electrical from the lift. But had left in it there for me to sell or donate. It also took six of us to find a way to remove the bus and into my driveway. Once that was removed, I started to see the true beauty of the empty space.


Removal of the corner metal pieces that were there to hold down the rubber flooring and corners secured was the first to go. Removing them would require being unscrewed or ground out as they were rusted and were by the many. You will see a Lysol container on the bus during construction and that is the used screw bucket. Once the corners were gone, we could pull up a little corner of the rubber floor to see how glued it was.

The step in between was the metal seat belt anchor brackets on the floor. There was 23 of them. In three rows. Took a couple methods and tools to figure out how those suckers were going to be coming out. It also took a lot of time. Like two days of time, and that’s okay. They were rusted and secure. They had a purpose. However, now it’s my purpose to pull those suckers out. Thank you very much to Marcello for taking the two hot days to remove them. Your help was amazing in this process.

Grinding out the seatbelt anchors. Huge task.

So many seat belt anchors

So, now my Dad arrives. Now, the team is going to be rocking. Got some more tools, a little more knowledge and off to the races, so to speak. This was about the time that I put together a few sandwiches and restocked the snacks.

With the last brackets removed it was time to pull up that stinky, sticky and famous bus smell. The rubber floor. With a box cutter, pry bar and a couple trips to Home Depot in between. Pulling it up was rough work, but did come out with a little sweat equity.

With a clean-up of the space with my new exciting purchase of the shop vac. Very important for this project. Cleaned all the corners, seatbelt anchors, and flooring from debris. Next steps are repairing the gaps and holes so that we can start installing the subflooring.

With measurements complete it’s off to the local hardware store to pick up all supplies needed to create the subfloor. The shopping list included 2 x 4s,  2 x 12s, and insulation and screws. Even though I feel like I removed a lifetime supply. I’m adding in a whole new bucket or two full!! In one full day, we were able to complete the new floor and the rubber smell is gone!!!

Can’t wait for the next project list to get started!!!

Stay tuned as flooring side panels and electrical are installed!

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