Valentine’s Day as a Bachelorette

A few moons ago, I was selected by a local restaurant to be the bachelorette for a dinner special featuring three suitors cooking their way to my heart. It was my job to keep my identity hidden, enjoy the culinary delights and select a contestant based on the plate presented. Each suitor came to myContinue reading “Valentine’s Day as a Bachelorette”

5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW

What does your Music say is your Top Played Songs? Life seems to end up in a playlist. The memories it creates, the feelings I had rocking at the time, the artist that I connected with. Sometimes that playlist takes you back to the song that comes with hard feelings but next playing songs that pump youContinue reading “5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW”

The Un-Academic Global Citizen — AMF Engagement & Knowledge Translation

As I prepared myself to move to a new country in Central America, I found myself reflecting a lot about the ways my experiences of being abroad would be different now that I am not approaching my global interactions through an academic lens. For 6 years, I supported international learning programs within higher education before […]Continue reading “The Un-Academic Global Citizen — AMF Engagement & Knowledge Translation”

Auntie Life is for me

Everyone says grow up, buy a house and get married, have kids. Well, they used too.   And okay, I kinda grew up, did by the house but the get married and have babies part. I think that is on hold for a little bit. When you are fortunate enough that all your friends haveContinue reading “Auntie Life is for me”