Just a little about Me

Welcome to the World of Snip Snap!

Let’s start with the nickname. SnipSnap. It’s kinda changed over time but it always comes back to some form of Snippa, Snippa Snappa, Snipster, Snippy. It comes from the girls I grew up with and carried to the new friends along the way.  I love my last name, and you can always find me in a crowd with the nickname.

My growth in social media was presented to me when working with my clients and seeing how they had concerns on how to get their message and product out there in the wild world of advertising. I have always been eager to help and use my platform to get engagement within the community.

The use of this page is to help me educate, stay grounded and share fun ideas. Let the journey begin,  wherever and whenever that might take me!

Happy Reading,