About Us

Our Motto.
Everyday, you have a chance to make a connection with someone and yourself by attracting the right audience at the right time. We think that life is exciting and when you live with passion and focus, you are unstoppable.

What We Do.
Marketing is about feeling good. Creating experiences that catch the eye with that silver dollar shine. Crafting a connection with like minded people, attracting those who are inquisitive by design, and captivating the casual social scroller to the late-night thumb rollers.

Our lives are digital and cutting through the noise can be overwhelming; but we like the challenge. Allow us to alleviate the stress of the everchanging digital landscape. We can orchestrate all your digital needs as your virtual assistant from social media strategy to content creation, branding, digital design and more.

Our Team.
We come from all walks of life with various experiences and vast knowledge to build and drive an impactful marketing map to engage you with your audience. Let us help you with your digital marketing transformation and set you on a path for growth and success.

See you online,
Courtney Snippe, Chief Marketing Officer
Snip Snap Marketing

Let’s build something snappy together.