Auntie Life is for me

Everyone says grow up, buy a house and get married, have kids. Well, they used too.   And okay, I kinda grew up, did by the house but the get married and have babies part. I think that is on hold for a little bit.

When you are fortunate enough that all your friends have kids and your siblings decided to procreate, take that advantage and run with it.  Pick them up and drop them off!

Being goofy is a part of the job.  But let’s face it, I’m kinda goofy all the time. This just allows me the freedom to be just as silly as the little humans that we are hanging out with and ease up on the curse words.  Yes, the cartoons aren’t as good as when we were growing up. They are a lot more flashy and not as sneaky clever.  Sharon, Lois, and Bram are way cooler than the dam Wiggles any day. But I do love the Octonauts.

You make the memories.  You get to take them on adventures, teach them new words and make it just about you and them. It’s out of their routine and Aunties are all about saying yes anyways. Having the simplest thing be the coolest thing is probably one of my more favourite moments. I posted the other day in my timeline something about trying not to laugh when they are in trouble and it is by far one of the hardest things.  Because kids do say the funniest things.

Being a teacher as an Auntie. Sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s the little humans.  They remind you to not take things so serious or just play in the dirt. It’s fun.  Either way, helping them push boundaries and take those stories back to their parents is awesome. Even when you get in trouble for pushing too high on the swing or coming back a little bumped or bruised.

In the end, not ready to be a Mommy yet cuz I see how much hard work it is and Auntie time with the little human is a lot fun.


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