Valentine’s Day as a Bachelorette

A few moons ago, I was selected by a local restaurant to be the bachelorette for a dinner special featuring three suitors cooking their way to my heart. It was my job to keep my identity hidden, enjoy the culinary delights and select a contestant based on the plate presented. Each suitor came to myContinue reading “Valentine’s Day as a Bachelorette”

5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW

What does your Music say is your Top Played Songs? Life seems to end up in a playlist. The memories it creates, the feelings I had rocking at the time, the artist that I connected with. Sometimes that playlist takes you back to the song that comes with hard feelings but next playing songs that pump youContinue reading “5 Songs I have on Repeat..Right NOW”

The Un-Academic Global Citizen — AMF Engagement & Knowledge Translation

As I prepared myself to move to a new country in Central America, I found myself reflecting a lot about the ways my experiences of being abroad would be different now that I am not approaching my global interactions through an academic lens. For 6 years, I supported international learning programs within higher education before […]Continue reading “The Un-Academic Global Citizen — AMF Engagement & Knowledge Translation”

Auntie Life is for me

Everyone says grow up, buy a house and get married, have kids. Well, they used too.   And okay, I kinda grew up, did by the house but the get married and have babies part. I think that is on hold for a little bit. When you are fortunate enough that all your friends haveContinue reading “Auntie Life is for me”

I’m the neighbourhood stalker, are you?

I’ve lived in my current apartment for four years now. I’ve been through 2 roommates and now a spare room that has become like the hoarders TV show.  I feel like I’m at the stage now where it’s like the song – Do I stay or do I go now? There are a lot of memories in theContinue reading “I’m the neighbourhood stalker, are you?”

A read that made my day, over and over.

One of the great things about reading is that is gives you a chance to escape into another time, place or someone’s lifestyle. And boy did a read a lifestyle. My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler  This was  collection of stories that were fun and sometimes unbelievable. How can one woman getContinue reading “A read that made my day, over and over.”

My obsessions are usually a really good idea.. I think??!

Okay, I need to stop obsessing some other websites and blogs. The ideas that they give me, just send me into a tizzy of obsession. However my obsessions usually have some crazy large budget attached to them and I think this time, I’m going to be smart about it and make sure that I have allContinue reading “My obsessions are usually a really good idea.. I think??!”