I’m the neighbourhood stalker, are you?

I’ve lived in my current apartment for four years now. I’ve been through 2 roommates and now a spare room that has become like the hoarders TV show.  I feel like I’m at the stage now where it’s like the song – Do I stay or do I go now?

There are a lot of memories in the apartment. Some good and some bad. Either way, is changing all my mail worth the hassle? When do you decide to pull the trigger? Which part of town are you going to be comfortable in or Do you choose a new city all together? Are you going to stay in your 5 blocks radius or move to another end of the compass?

Since I have been here for a while. It’s almost like you create this duty to be the unofficial neighbourhood watch person. You walk everyday, sometimes the same route and some days new. Knowing who lives where and who’s doing construction.  I take pride in my neighbourhood. I pick up trash that people leave behind after the ball games and soccer games at the park. You see the kids in the public swimmimg pool together or riding bikes until the street lights come on. It’s all just becomes so routine.

Wanting more or happy with what I have ? Everyone says your suppose to wait to have certain things for when you get a husband or make enough money, but it looks like I’m going to be waiting while.  And why can’t I make a path for myself? Make things happen the way that I want.  Decisions are certainly coming up and being a dreamer is making them very scattered. I do love my east end digs… but something needs to change. What to do!

Keep your head in the clouds! 🙂


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